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Gotta luv those noobs lol

So Hyrgulf was rerolling a new character (Freyha a tauren druid) and I told him that I would get on Clay and go over there to help him and hurry the lvling along.

Well after doing a quick low lvl quest in Bloodhoof I went on over to the Tauren noobie area to help him out with Freyha. As I'm running past the entrance to the noob area a lvl 7 male druid runs by me and them stops and waves.

At this point I can almost feel the question that he is going to ask (...I've gotten it before by this lvl 2 rogue troll Omegatroll when getting honored in the starting area for the troll/orcs).... "what is a lvl 25 doing over here?"

Oy why do you think!!! Gosh this just bugs me. There are only three main reasons: one harassing noobs, two helping a noob or friend and three getting honored with a faction most likely for a mount. But trying to be nice I told him that I was helping a friend on a new alt and run off.

This guy Ronnimwereru starts fallowing me back into the starting area. I meet up with Freyha and this guy keeps throwing questions at me and then says "Is this him"? I'm like 'yeah'. I mean I'm trying to be nice but this guy is kinda getting to me. So whispering with Freyha I am trying to ask him what he need or wants to do. Freyha says that he wants to tunr in a few quests in town and so we head up there.

This guy still fallows -_-...

So while Freyha is do that I chat with Ronnimwereru. It was interesting but something seemed kinda mean. He asked why Hyrgulf had made his new character Freyha a female when the real Hurgulf is a guy. I was like because he already had a male character. And Ronnimwereru said that he should have just made another male. Ummmm like it really matters. I mean guys play female characters all the fricken time... that is nothing new in the slightest bit. Anyway during this Freyha has come bacl and I'm still stuck talking to this guy and I ask Freyha if he needs me right now and he says no...

.....well to make this a bit shorter we all end up going over to Bloodhoof to lvl/quest. So this guy is eating up my time and not letting me help Freyha at all. But I'm still trying to be nice and help this noob (and like all noobs he says that he has a lvl black high end character that he is not playing on but I'll get to that later...).

So after running him through five or six quests by memory he needs to do the one with the furry kodo by Thunderbluff. After getting lucky and finding the kodo really and I mean really fast like under a minute we head back to the lifts to get into TB. Now understand that all this time I have had to play body guard to Ronnimwereru and beat ever thing off him that comes running after us...I knew that I had to that he was that low a lvl. So on the way back he is like "don't worry about me just keep going" and I was like "okay". I mean it is his death not mine lol. So I turn my bac and start running all the while I hear a wolf laying into him. I turn around to help him (after less then ten paces) because I know he is going to bite it and he dies.

LOL! I fricken knew it. Let the higher character tell you if you need help or not.

Well I'm standing there at his corps and after a min or so I party type "can you find ur body alright"? and I get nothing. Then I whisper the same. Well just them his body disappears and I look at the map to see if he res-ed at the spirit healer or out of my line of sight close by... he had gone offline. Ok whatever.

I hate user noobs... there went two hours I could have helped Freyha or lvled.
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